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End Choice of Sheep & Goat Safeguarding

Sheep & goat fencing, manufactured of high tensile wire with small and consistent openings, is ideal for securing your sheep, goats, dogs and other small animals, as well prevent predators form attacking them.

As your request, sheep or goat fences are available in four types of knots: fixed knots, hinge joints, square knots and ring lock knots as shown in the following pictures:

A small sheep enclosed by fixed knot sheep fencing

Fixed knot sheep fencing

Two sheep enclosed by square knot sheep fencing

Square knot sheep fencing

Some sheep enclosed by hinge joint fencing

Hinge joint sheep fencing

A goat enclosed by ring lock knot sheep fencing

Ring lock knot sheep fencing

Fixed knot sheep fencing
Fixed knots sheep fencing, as the most used type of animal safeguard, offer strong confinement and superior protection from hunting dogs, foxes and wolves, etc. Meanwhile, with highest visibility and highest strength, the fence is extremely popular with lots of sheep farmers in the UK.

Square knot sheep fencing

Square knots with high flexibility, allow the fencing being installed regardless terrains whether flat ground or uneven hilly terrain. Meanwhile, the sheep fencing are strong and durable with extra strength, rigidity and long lifespan. Most of all, the smooth surface makes it safe and capable to prevent injuries to your prized animals.

Hinge joint sheep fencing
Hinge joint, formed by twining vertical wires around horizontal wires, enhances the fences' performance of protecting sheep and absorbing high impact energy. Low maintenance is needed because once inevitable clashes happened, the hinge joints can spring back and tight the fencing again.

Ring lock knot sheep fencing
Ring lock, designed to increase grid strength, is an economic fencing easy to install with big post spacing to bring you a great saving if you are in a tight budget. Additionally, it still performs perfect even on undulating ground. When installing, make sure the end of third clip wire is facing outward; otherwise, it may injury small sheep and goats.

Two types of opening of sheep and goat fencing

Stay opening of sheep & goat fencing


  • Efficient prevent wild animals and predators from damaging livestock.
  • Narrow open spacing makes it ideal for keep small sheep and lambs.
  • Prevent sheep craning head out or stepping through the fence.
  • Minimize the risk of sheep's feet getting caught.
  • Easy and quick to install on any types of terrains.
  • Strong, durable, and light weight.
  • Class 3 or zinc-aluminum coated - anti-rust and corrosion resistant.

Material: high tensile wire.
Structure: fixed knots, square knots, hinge joint and ring lock knots.
Finish: class 3 or zinc-aluminum coating.
Roll length: 50m, 100m, 200m or customized length.
Custom sizes are also available.


Sheep & goat fencing
Item Horizontal wire number Inside wire gauge Top & bottom wire gauge Opening size Fence height
HTSF-1 10 12.5 10 4"× 4" 36"
HTSF-2 13 12.5 10 4"× 4" 48"
HTSF-3 16 12.5 10 4"× 4" 60"
HTSF-4 19 12.5 10 4"× 4" 72"
HTSF-5 10 12.5 10 2"× 4" 36"
HTSF-6 13 12.5 10 2"× 4" 48"
HTSF-7 16 12.5 10 2"× 4" 60"
HTSF-8 19 12.5 10 2"× 4" 72"

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