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  • Field fence with hinge joint, fixed knots or square knots, manufactured from high tensile wire or low carbon steel, are ideal for keeping cattle and sheep.

  • High tensile fence, the main type of field fencing, provides high cost effectiveness with stronger structure, longer lifespan, smaller diameter and lighter weight.

  • Low carbon field fence, with zinc coating or PVC coating, manufactured from steel with 0.1% carbon contents, are easy to work with and fairy forgiving.

  • Fixed knot fence, made of high tensile wire or mild steel, is the strongest field fence formed by tying a third wire to conjunction to enhance holding strength.

  • Square knot fences, with junctions reinforced by separate wires, are strong to withstand fierce impacts and widely used to secure your prized livestock.

  • Hinge joint fence, a type of economical field fence, are capable to maximum absorb fierce impact energies as well spring back to original shape.

  • V mesh fence with narrow diamond shaped openings, are the strongest and safest fence for securing horses, foals, dogs as well keeping predators out.

  • Livestock fencing versatile for horse, deer, sheep, goats, cattle, chickens hogs and other animals, are made of high tensile wire with superior zinc coating.

  • Non climb or diamond horse fencing with longevity, made of high tensile wires, is the best solution to secure your horses and other small animals.

  • Deer fencing, made of high tensile wire with woven fixed knots, features with high strength, high visibility and is ideal for deer farming and deer exclusion.

  • Sheep and goat fencing, made of high tensile wire, are available in fixed knots, square knots, hinge joints and ring lock joints for securing your prized animals.

  • Cattle fencing, manufactured of high tensile wire with graduated spacing, fixed knots or hinge joints, is ideal for securing your cattle, calf and other animals.

  • Chicken fencing features narrow 2" × 2" spacing to effective prevent predators from damaging your chickens and hens as well construct chicken runs

  • Dog fences, hog wire fences and otter fences, made of high tensile wire with attractive appearance, long service time and high strength can be supplied.