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Why choose high tensile fence?

High tensile fence, as the widest used type fencing for breeding deer, sheep, cattle and other animals, is made of high carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.28%. Generally, the higher carbon contents often represent higher wire strength and lower elongation. So when comparing with low carbon field fence in same tensile, this one comes with smaller diameter, lighter weight and following other features.

High tensile fences are used to protect free-range chickens.

High tensile fences are ideal to protect livestock

  • Stronger & Last longer
    The higher carbon contents, the higher strength the fence wire will own. According the relative test, the high tensile fences are approximately twice the strength as low carbon field fence - that means they are stronger with a longer lifespan.
  • Need fewer post
    High tensile fence features higher breaking strength to be installed with bigger post spacing up to 16.5 feet, while the post spacing of low carbon wire fence is about 8 to 10 feet. So there are fewer fence posts are needed.
  • Low maintenance
    Once installed properly, only low even free maintenance is needed – that is because high tensile fences are not easy to sag and always retains tight over years, therefore there is no need of additional re-stretching.
  • Cost effective
    Fewer posts and smaller diameters offer a big saving of cost and result in a competitive price. Additional, the high tensile fences are considered to be more safer to livestock, looks neater and easier to handle and install.

Material: high tensile wire.
Structure: hinge joint knots, fixed knots, square knots or V mesh fence.
Finish: commercial, class 1, class 3, zinc + aluminum coating with the optional PVC coating.
Product standard: meet even exceed ASTM116.
Galvanization standards: ASTM641.
Roll length: 50m, 100m, 200m or customized length.


Item Horizontal wire number Inside wire gauge Top & bottom wire gauge Stay opening Fence height
HTFF-1 7 14 12.5 6" 26"
HTFF-2 8 14 12.5 6" 32"
HTFF-3 9 14 12.5 6" 39"
HTFF-4 9 12.5 10.5 6" 39"
HTFF-5 9 12.5 10.5 12" 39"
HTFF-6 10 14 12.5 6" 47"
HTFF-7 10 12.5 10.5 6" 47"
HTFF-8 10 12.5 10.5 12" 47"

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