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Chicken Fencing with Excellent Fox Proofing

Chicken fencing is an excellent fox-proof fencing designed with 2" × 2" openings. It preforms perfectly to keep predators out and ensure your chickens, hens and chicks safe.

Manufactured with high tensile wire, the chicken fence is strong, rigid yet lightweight when comparing with traditional hexagonal chicken wire. It is ideal for constructing chicken runs as well suitable for free range chicken farming. Additional, the easy installation and high flexibility make the chicken fencing popular for hilly areas. Most all of, it comes with high cost-effectiveness.

It is available for two types of knots: square knots and hinge joints as shown in the pictures:

Chickens are enclosed by square knot chicken fencing
Chickens are enclosed by hinge joint chicken fencing
The details patterns of chicken fencing

Chicken fencing pattern

Material: high tensile wire.
Structure: square knots and hinge joins.
Finish: class 3 or zinc-aluminum coating.
Roll length: 15m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m or customized length.
Custom sizes are also available.


Chicken fencing
Item Horizontal wire number Inside wire gauge Top & bottom wire gauge Opening size Fence height
HTCHF-1 19 16 14 2"× 2" 36"
HTCHF-2 25 16 14 2"× 2" 48"
HTCHF-3 31 16 14 2"× 2" 60"
HTCHF-4 37 16 14 2"× 2" 72"

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