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Your Cattle's Excellent Protector - Cattle Fencing

Three heads of cattle are enclosed by galvanized cattle fencing.

Cattle fencing - ideal for safeguarding your prized cattle

If you are going to build a farm safeguarding fence, our cattle fencing is one of the best choice when comparing with traditional four barbed wire fences. Made of high tensile wire, our cattle fencing has higher strength, higher rigidity as well extremely durable with following benefits:

  • Last longer - with longer service time about 20 to 40 years even in the harshest environments.
  • Low cost – high quality with similar price of five-strand barbed wire.
  • Excellent weather and corrosion resistance – superior class 3 or zinc-aluminum coating allows the cattle fence not easy to rust even in humid and corrosive condition.
  • Providing a choice of knots – fixed knots and hinge joints for you to choose from.
  • High flexibility - easy to erect and install.
  • Not prone to say or stretch over time.
  • Smooth surface will not hurt your prized animals.
    Plan drawing of cattle fencing patterns

    Patterns of cattle fencing

  • Graduated spacing – capable to secure small calf and avoid hooves from being caught in the fence wire.
  • Various applications – the cattle fencing not only can be used to secure your small animals, but also ideal for field partition, such as grassland, meadow, woods, flowery, etc.

Material: high tensile wire.
Structure: fixed knots (more stronger) or hinge joints.
Finish: class 3 or zinc-aluminum coating.
Roll length: 50m, 100m, 200m or as your request length.


Cattle fencing
Item Horizontal wire number Inside wire gauge Top & bottom wire gauge Stay spacing Fence height
HTCF-1 15 12.5 12.5 6" or 12" 61"
HTCF-1 13 12.5 12.5 6" or 12" 48"
HTCF-1 9 12.5 12.5 6" or 12" 49"
HTCF-1 8 12.5 12.5 6" or 12" 42"
A heads of cattle are enclosed by galvanized cattle fencing with fixed knots.

Cattle fencing with fixed knots


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