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What Is the Difference Between Fence Coatings?

Generally, anti-rust coatings not only make high tensile fences looking good, but also protect them from corrosion, rust especially in humid, corrosive and other harsh environments. Choosing the proper coating may determine the longevity of the fence.

In our company, the high tensile fence can be plated with different types of coating: commercial, class 1, class 3, zinc-aluminum coating as shown follow:

A diagram about the corrosion resistance comparison of four types of field fence coating.

Commercial coating, without standard min thickness, is the cheapest zinc coating type with shortest non-rust time only about three months to a year.

Class 1 zinc coating, with high economic benefits, is the basic type plated on standard fence wires and will last 2 to 11 years in dry circumstances, such as non-coastal areas.

Class 3 zinc coating, meet or exceed ASTM A 121, with about 2.5 times thicker coating than class 1, has the longest guarantee time about 13 to 30 years without rust.

Zinc-aluminum coating, a hybrid material with 95% Zn and 5% Al, is thrice the lasting time of class 1 and similar to the class 3. Although this type of coating makes the price of high tensile fence little higher, it brings a long lifespan with high cost effectiveness.

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