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About Us

Hebei Enlast Trading Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and supplying high tensile fence products for over 20 years. Owing to the knowledge and experiences we accumulated, we know clearly the exact needs of our customers and are capable to provide the final animal security solutions. To suit our customers' needs, we offer a range of fences varying in materials, knot types, zinc coatings and wire gauges.

Our main products include field fence, high tensile fence, low carbon field fence, fixed knot fence, square knot fence, hinge joint fence and V mesh fence. To suit the animals breeding, they are manufactured in different sizes and stay opening according to animals. Livestock fencing, horse fencing, deer fencing, sheep & goat fencing, cattle fencing, chicken fencing, dog fence, hog wire fence and otter fence are available in our company.

All of the products are manufactured under strict quality control. We believe that the quality is the key factor of determining success or failure of a product - that is why we pay much attention to production managements. Owing to high quality, competitive price and superior service, our products are exported to United States, Australia and some Euro countries, and gains great acknowledgments from them.

If you want details and prices about our products, feel free to email us at sales@hightensilefence.org.

A blue machine is working to produce field fence.