A flock of sheep is enclosed by sheep fencing
Donkeys and a herd of sheep is kept in livestock fencing.
A small sheep is enclosed by fixed knot fences.
Square knot fences are ideal for keeping dogs.

The Widest Choice for Your Own High Tensile Fence

Rolls of high tensile fence products are placed in storehouse.

High tensile fence

High tensile fence, made of high tensile wire, is a type of field fence used to enclose animals to protect them from predators. These fences are manufactured in a range of woven knots, zinc coatings, wire gauges and sizes; meanwhile, all the products are strong and well-constructed. So whether you are a distributor or a ranch owner, you will get the satisfying fence.

As the specialist in the field of high tensile fence, our company is capable to provide various choices to cater your needs for different applications:

  • A choice of materials

    Field fence, the most used fence for securing your prized animals, are manufactured of high tensile wire or low carbon steel with different properties as shown follow:

    High tensile fence is much stronger, last longer and will not sag and deform thanks to its high rigidity getting from high carbon content about 0.28%.

    Low carbon field fence, with a carbon content of 0.1%, is easy to sag or deform when comparing to high tensile fence. However, it is easy to work with and not easy to break.

  • A choice of weaving method

    Field fence can be woven with different types of knots: fixed knots, square knots, hinge joint knots, V mesh or other custom patterns.

    Four types of weaving knots if high tensile fences.

    Knots of high tensile fences

    Fixed knot fence is the strongest fence type with increased post spacing, highest visibility and low maintenance – which takes advantage of fixed knots formed by using separate wires to tie the continuous horizontal and vertical wires together without sliding.

    Square knot fence also utilize third wires to warp and reinforce the intersections same as the fixed knot fence, while, the knots features its small and smooth S-shaped body to provide a neat appearance and no hurt to your prized animals.

    Hinge joint fence is the most common used type with economic benefits. Different form above weaving method, hinge joint is formed by wrapping the vertical wires around horizontal wires at each intersection. This spring shaped knot will provide the most elasticity to absorb the harshest impact energy as well spring back into its original shape.

    V mesh fence is the safest fence to secure your animals, such as dogs, cattle and goats, especially horses and foals. With narrowest diamond shaped spacing, the V mesh fence effectively prevents predators and avoids animals' feet being caught into the wire.

  • A choice of animal breeding applications

    The high tensile fence manufactured by our company, is proven to be a versatile necessary for farmers and pasture owners to protecting their animals. Generally, different animals have their own figures and living habits, so the fence sizes and heights for them are also different.

    Donkeys, sheep and goats are kept in high tensile fences

    Suitable for various species of animals

    According to the animals you are keeping, we can provide livestock fencing including horse fencing, deer fencing, sheep & goat fencing, cattle fence, chicken fencing, dog fencing, hog wire fencing and anti-otter fencing. As your request, fences for other animals are also available.

  • A choice of zinc coatings

    Four types of coating as your requirements can be offered as follow:

    • Commercial zinc coating: with lowest corrosion resistance for temporary usage. Class1 zinc coating: basic coating with a guarantee about 2 to 11 years without rust.
    • Class 3 zinc coating: 2.5 times heavier and thicker than class 1, with longer guarantee about 13 to 30 years without rust.
    • Zinc-aluminum coating: a zinc and aluminum compound material with about three times longer service time than class 1.
  • A choice of wire gauges

    Various applications:

    Ten types of wire gauges
    • Contain a range of livestock
    • Prevent predators from entering the fence
    • Keeping animals away from roads and highways
    • Protecting fisheries and ponds
    • Versatile for protecting forestry
    • Capable for solar panel protection

    Our company not only gives you the widest choice to build your own field fence, but also offer the best service, such as providing professional advice about selecting the right fence and how to install it.

    If you have some questions or want details and prices of our products, please email us at sales@hightensilefence.org. We are pleasure to answer the questions you might have.

Hot Products
  • Field fence with hinge joint, fixed knots or square knots, manufactured from high tensile wire or low carbon steel, are ideal for keeping cattle and sheep.

  • High tensile fence, the main type of field fencing, provides high cost effectiveness with stronger structure, longer lifespan, smaller diameter and lighter weight.

  • Low carbon field fence, with zinc coating or PVC coating, manufactured from steel with 0.1% carbon contents, are easy to work with and fairy forgiving.

  • Fixed knot fence, made of high tensile wire or mild steel, is the strongest field fence formed by tying a third wire to conjunction to enhance holding strength.

Technology List

Here is a brief comparison about coatings of high tensile fence, including commercial, class 1, class 3 and zinc-aluminum coating.

We provide a diagram to guide our customers about the quantity of field fence rolls they required to get their job done according to field acreages.